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Laden good helper (galvanized steel pallets)

Pallet name
Wooden palletsPlastic palletsTraditional iron palletsGalvanized steel pallets
MaterialWillow, fir, a variety of hardwoodPE plasticThe thickness of 1.5m / m or more or steel plateThe thickness of 0.5 ~ 1.2m / m galvanized steel
Pallet Weight10~20kg11~20kg20~60kg8~50kg
Pallet truckUp to 3,000kgUp to 3,000kgUp to 5,000kgUp to 8,000kg
TypeCustomizedSince the type ofCustomizedCustomized
Flame resistancePoor, for the combustionPoor, for the combustion productsExcellent product for fireExcellent product for fire
Moisture resistancePoorExcellentIf you do not galvanized or paint treatment,RustGalvanized treatment, will not rust
Electrostatic detectionNo static responseAfter the pallet friction, electrostatic Higher reaction, dangerousUndetectedITRI is detected by non-static response,Safety
Environmental testingUndetectedMay contain PBB, PBDE toxic substancesUndetectedSix detect poison-free by SGS
MaintenanceServiceabilityUnable to repairServiceabilityServiceability
Recycling ConveniencePoor, can not be recycled,Manufacturing garbage problemPoor, can not be recycled,Manufacturing garbage problemGifted, when scrap metal to sell,Price of 7 to 9 yuan / kgGifted, when scrap metal to sell,Price of 7 to 9 yuan / kg
New acquisition cost150 ~ 800 NT $ / piece650~1,500 NT $ / piece600~3,000 NT $ / piece200~2,000 NT $ / piece